Atypic, is…

… an advertising agency like no other that is 100% dedicated to causes by offering organizations and foundations a complete service for their fundraisings and communications. From children’s health to the fight against poverty, through arts and culture, Atypic works for a multitude of clients in the non-profit sector and helps them to advance their cause through its various expertise, certainly , but also of its values ​​in the right place.

How is Imprimerie Maxime involved in the cause?

Atypic’s projects are all as varied as they are important. For them, we don’t just print: we produce a touching letter that will be mailed to a donor to convince them to donate to the cause. Or, we print a newsletter that will show the donor how much the organization has been able to accomplish with their donation. Collaborating with Atypic means participating in local philanthropy!

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